"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 02 Mar 2020
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture Ealing 'B' v Uxbridge 'B'
Result W: 4.5-0.5


BoardGradeEaling 'B'
Uxbridge 'B'Grade
1 Agnieszka Milewska
David Knight 138
2 Harry Symeonidis
Brian Foster 122
3 Sami Goussous
Asoke Nandi 101
4 Alastair Johnstone
Richard Smith 97
5 Christopher Yapp
Abu Hasan 94

Captains Comment

Although it cannot compensate for our defeat at the hands of Uxbridge B earlier in the season, we can be well pleased with the convincing 4.5-0.5 win at the return match last Monday.

Agnieszka's game with white on top board, transposed into an exchange variation of the Queen's gambit declined. An early Q+B+N combination won a pawn, followed by exchange of Queens. Further exchanges resulted in two Bishops each with 6P v 5P in Agnieszka's favour. Black was forced to keep his King central to defend against pawn advances on either wing but it proved sufficient to secure the draw.

Harry used a Slav variation in his QGD game with black on board two. In the early middle game he secured a Bishop on d3 that severely restricted the space available to white such that five moves later Harry was a knight and the exchange ahead with a clear winning position. White's only compensation was passed pawns on the a,b files which he persevered with for a further thirty moves before playing, unsuccessfully, for a stale mate. 

Sami's treatment of his opponent's Philidor was unorthodox after move three. He appeared to have lost a tempo or two, but gained the initiative by attacking pawns and pieces across the board. Black defended well and exited a series of exchanges with B+N for Sami's R+2P. But Sami's Queen was the more active of the two and forked the black K+B, bringing black's resignation. 

Alastair on board four used a King's Indian setup to defend white's English opening. The early loss of a pawn had compensation in providing open b,c files for Alastair's Rooks and Queen, but the win was to be executed on the King-side with Q+2N and advanced h-pawn suffocating the white King.

On bottom board Christopher opened with a Bird, f4. But it was on the Queen side that Christopher took the initiative, pushing pawns towards black's Q-side-castled King. The c-pawn advanced to to the 7th rank, winning a Rook on d8 for free and subsequently the game.