"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 03 Feb 2020
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture Ealing 'B' v Hatch End 'B'
Result U: 3-1


BoardGradeEaling 'B'
Hatch End 'B'Grade
1 Simon Healeas
Parsons, Robert 136
2 Sami Goussous
Zhukov, Vlad None
3 Alastair Johnstone
Harvey, John T 114
4 Christopher Yapp
Connor, Mark 104
5 Martin Loat
Wrigglesworth, Jim I 100

Captains Comment

Our return match v Hatch End B was again a closely fought contest. The 
final score must wait the outcome of Simon's adjourned game, but we have 
three points so the match is won.

Alastair was white on board three, facing John Harvey's Sicilian defence. 
He arranged Queen and Rook to oversee an open d-file, and with John's 
below optimal pawn formation (tripled and isolated) Alastair was clearly 
ahead. But then a succession of oversights resulted in lost pieces and 
Alastair resigned.

On board two, Sami's Dragon Sicilian faced a Yugoslav attack, with the 
signature King-side pawn advance spearheaded by white's h4. As the middle 
game advanced, white's position offered more possibilities, while Sami was 
badly cramped. When I next saw the position, Sami had won a Bishop for 
pawn and with Queens exchanged advanced steadily to secure a mating attack 
with his two Rooks.

Martin's game, with white on board five, was a symmetrical London Queen 
pawn opening. The removal of black's dark-squared bishop resulted in 
Martin posting his own at h6, preventing black from K-side castling. 
Martin then doubled his opponent's pawns while securing a passed e-pawn.
Following further exchanges, it boiled down to Knight + pawns v Bishop + 
pawns and I expected a draw. But Martin went on to win, proving my 
unreliable judgement.

Christopher's Dutch defence resulted in an early opening of the f-file, 
with his pieces looking dangerous on the King side. Following a middle 
game, in which Christopher won a pawn, the endgame featured same-coloured 
Bishops, four pawns facing each other on the Queen side and the action 
around Christopher's single h-pawn. Patient and accurate play secured the 
win for Christopher's game and with it the match.

Meanwhile on top board, Simon's game went up to the final whistle. The 
adjourned position featured opposite-coloured Bishops, but Simon is a pawn 
down. His game had shown more promise earlier. Opening with a Queen's 
Catalan, defended with a Tarrasch, Simon assembled a strong Bishop pair 
dominating long diagonals. But the early promise did not deliver and 
slowly the game shifted to black's advantage. However, I'm optimistic that 
a draw can be salvaged.