"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Wed 29 Jan 2020
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture Uxbridge 'B' v Ealing 'B'
Result L: 2-3


BoardGradeUxbridge 'B'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1133Knight, Daniel
Simon Healeas
2138Knight, David
Alastair Johnstone
3111Foale, Ron
Sami Goussous
4101Nandi, Asoke K
Martin Loat
592Doherty, Ivor
David Websdale

Captains Comment

The first results came in from the lower boards. David, white on bottom 
board, played against a Philidor and placed his Bishop on c4. After black 
castled King-side, this left the f-pawn pinned by the Bishop and when 
black retreated a Knight to g6 it could be captured by the white Queen.
With the black Queen isolated from the action around her King it was not 
long before mate was delivered by white's Queen and Knight.

On board four, Martin played his favourite Pirc defence with black. On 
moves 15-19 a series of exchanges saw Martin capture the d4 pawn. Then 
came the crucial moment of the game: white played 22 Qxc7 seemingly 
getting the pawn back. Although Martin saw he could play 22...Rc8 with 
dastardly back row threats, after 23 Q x Qd7 (picking up both white rooks 
as ample compensation for his Q) he couldn't calculate far enough ahead 
to see a real advantage. However after the game computer analysis showed 
that 22...Rc8! Would have been a star move. But he actual game headed for 
a draw with material even, the only notable feature being that even after 
Martin blundered a pawn at move 35, the game was still drawn a pawn down 
on account of the opposite coloured bishops.

Similarly, on board three, Sami agreed a draw with his opponent after two 
hours play.

Following completion of my own game I observed progress on the top two 
boards, where positions appeared evenly balanced and most pieces still 
active on the board. Alastair describes his game on board two: On the 
Black side of a Symmetrical English, after I had omitted the critical 
15...h5, my opponent gained a significant space advantage and a powerful 
bishop controlling the white squares from g2. He missed the opportunity to 
increase his advantage with 17.g5! but elected to close the centre with 
17.d5 instead. This left a position that offered few opportunities for 
either player. I tried to gain some activity but my efforts were parried 
by accurate play. I passed up the chance of a draw by repetition in search 
of a win and soon lived to regret it when I made an egregious blunder to 
drop a knight after which all hope was lost.

Similarly, Simon reports his game on top board, where the clock had a 
significant impact on the latter stages. Playing the white side of a 
Catalan, I managed on move 20 to get in the strong d5 which gave an 
advantage. Sadly the follow-up was weak and any winning chances were soon 
dissipated. To make matters worse, a knight was lost as I over-pressed in 
a position that did not justify such an approach. That said, my opponent 
played well and took his chances to secure victory.

Following our first upset of the season, we have five points from six 
and are second to Uxbridge B in Division two of the League, with six more 
matches to play.