"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Wed 22 Jan 2020
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Uxbridge 'B' v Ealing 'C'
Result L: 1.5-3.5


BoardGradeUxbridge 'B'
Ealing 'C'Grade
1133Knight, Daniel
Jason Obihara
2138Knight, David
Carlo Paglialunga
3101Nandi, Asoke K
Tony Braine
4NoneLinton, Anthony
Geoff Richards
592Doherty, Ivor
David Housego

Captains Comment

In our return match we faced a slightly stronger Uxbridge B team and unfortunately we lost 3½ – 1½.

On Board 1, Jason as black resigned when unable to stop a rook mating attack.

Carlo, playing white on Board 2, met a Kings Indian Attack with the French defence. In an even game he played white with a slight advantage and tempo ahead. They reached the time control with all still even and when his stronger opponent offered a draw Carlo accepted.

On Board 3, Tony played black in a Caro-Kann exchange variation. Both players played soundly with no tactical errors and white just maintaining a slight advantage of never more than half a pawn through the opening. Tony then spent too much time looking to force the position, gained a small initiative but white kept solid. On the 38th move with an absolutely equal position but under some time pressure in a quick play finish, Tony blundered and the game was over.

Geoff, playing white on Board 4 had the exchange advantage in the endgame and won his game. He wrote ‘I opened 1 d4 after which the opening took on the form of the London system. I held a slight advantage well into the middle game until an oversight by my opponent allowed my knight to fork his queen and rook, thereby winning me the exchange and exposing his castled king at the same time. My own king was also somewhat exposed so I had to manoeuvre carefully but eventually managed to contrive the exchange of queens whereupon my opponent resigned’.

On Board 5, David played black against a Queen’s pawn opening. White castled kingside and black then castled queenside to launch a piece and pawn attack on white’s king. White sacrificed a knight for the better position and to press the attack. Black resisted well, but under pressure made an error in taking white’s advanced pawn on h7 letting white’s pieces in. Facing the loss of his queen in two or three moves, David resigned.

It’s notable that we had the better of it on Boards 2 and 4, where we were white and played slow play. On Boards 1,3 and 5, Ealing were black, had a quick play finish and lost all three games.