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Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 20 Jan 2020
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Wimbledon 'A' v Ealing 'A'
Result D: 4-4


BoardGradeWimbledon 'A'
Ealing 'A'Grade
1235Suarez Real, Alberto
Rajat Makkar
2213Granat, Russell G
John Quinn
3206Osborne, Marcus E
Alan Perkins
4177Heppell, Ian N
Tony Wells
5177Keene, Nick R
Michael Lamb
6174Gregory, Philip J
Nishchal Thatte
7164Hughes, Anthony
Simon Healeas
8159Tello, Yasser
Alastair Johnstone

Captains Comment

Ealing A emerged from the second leg of our double-header with Wimbledon A with a worthy draw, courtesy of wins on both of the final boards to finish.

The home side had rolled out the big guns with IM Alberto Suarez at the top of the list but this did not deter the remarkable young Rajat who drew comfortably from the Black side of a Sicilian. OK, this broke his amazing run of eleven consecutive wins for Ealing teams but I think we can forgive that against a 235-graded opponent!

A further draw followed on three when Alan recovered from a tricky position to equalise but John was bested on two to give Wimbledon the match lead.

Meanwhile, I had achieved a promising position from the white side of a Sicilian but, at the critical juncture, I failed to find the best move and my advantage disappeared. Later, short of time in a complex position, I made an error which sadly led to immediate defeat.

Both Tony and Mike threatened wins but eventually had to settle for draws. This set the stage for Ealing’s late revival from 2-4 down.

Firstly Simon, although no great fan of the mandatory QP finish, he nonetheless took full advantage of the extra few seconds on his clock to get the better of a rook and minor piece endgame with a mating finish.

Seconds later, Nishchal on the adjoining board also delivered a fine win against the veteran Philip Gregory but, fixated on Simon’s game, I missed the denouement.

So, despite personal misgivings, a gratifying team performance and an extra half point which may be significant come the end of the season.