"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 20 Jan 2020
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture Ealing 'B' v Harrow 'B'
Result W: 3-2


BoardGradeEaling 'B'
Harrow 'B'Grade
1 Agnieszka Milewska
Lyons, James 136
2 Sami Goussous
Deans, Mary Helen 129
3 Christopher Yapp
Wray, S David 121
4 Tony Braine
Stott, David A 116
5 Trevor Bates
Goldsmith, Jennifer 97

Captains Comment

Last night we hosted Harrow B in the Hillingdon League. At end of play the score was
3-1 in our favour with one game adjourned. With this result we lead the division with
5 wins from 5, equal in match points with Hatch End A, but leading in board

First to finish, Trevor with white on board five opened d4. His opponent's first four
moves in response involved three moves of the King's Knight. Trevor gained an early
advantage, doubling and isolating his opponent's pawns on the e-file, then exerting
pressure down the open d-file. The advantage did not however prove to lead anywhere
and a draw was agreed.

Sami defended on board two with a Dragon Sicilian. Unusually, white chose to castle
King-side in a Yugoslav variation and did not pursue the signature pawn storm on
black's castled King. The game progressed slowly and with both players required to
make 20 moves in less than 30' a draw offer was accepted.

On board one Agnieszka's opening d4 was met by a Dutch defence. She secured complete
control of the centre but the light-squared Bishop had no scope. The game was then
opened up with both players opting for a pawn push that gave Agnieszka a pawn
advantage and occupation by R+Q of the open e-file, leading to winning of Rook for
Knight. After further piece swaps the exchange was returned, gaining two separated
passed pawns. Realising that he could stop only one, her opponent resigned.

Christopher opened with a Bird, soon winning a pawn and opening the a-file for his
Rook. Every time I returned to follow his progress Christopher had increased his
material advantage, eventually going a Rook and four pawns up, but his opponent
persevered until a passed pawn threatened to Queen and he resigned.

Tony's Caro-Kann defence entered the middle game with opposite-side castled Kings and
bilateral pawn pushes towards those Kings. Material remained equal, but Tony's pieces
had less scope than his opponent. The position was complicated and Tony, under time
pressure, lost the exchange. When the final whistle blew the game was adjourned with Q+2R+4P v Q+R+N+4P in Harrow's favour. Tony's post-match analysis did not reveal anything good and he has resigned.