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Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Wed 15 Jan 2020
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 2
Fixture Surbiton 'C' v Ealing 'B'
Result L: 2-4


BoardGradeSurbiton 'C'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1142Hogarth, MArk J
Tony Braine
2126Cole, David M
John Harvey
3122Markov, Alexey
Alex Lushpa
4119Webley, Mark A
David Housego
5103Morant, David J
Geoff Richards
694McCauley, Paul

Captains Comment


Last Wednesday evening we made the long and tortuous journey to Surbiton in the rush hour traffic to play our first match of the New Year.

We were up against it from the very beginning as we could only muster five players so had to default one board. However the evening got off to a fantastic start when Alex Lushpa, playing in only his first match for the TVB team, checkmated his opponent in eleven moves. The score of this remarkable game is well worth reproducing here:

1. e4 c5 2. d4 cxd4 3. c3 Smith-Morra Gambit dxc3 4. Nxc3 Nc6 5. Nf3 d6 6. Bc4 Bg4 7. Bxf7+! Tactics! White regained a pawn. If King takes, white simply gives check with a knight winning a bishop with a Queen. His opponent decided to retreat- Kd7 8. O-O Bxf3 9. Qxf3 Ne5?10. Be6+! Sacrificing a bishop but it's a trap Kxe6 11. Qf5# 1-0  Well done Alex!
On boards 1 and 4, Tony Braine and David Housego respectively were obliged to tip their king against higher rated opponents. John Harvey on board 2 arrived more than a half-hour late, even after Alex's game had finished, having been delayed by travel problems. Despite this disadvantage John played well to gain an advantage that he believes can be converted to a win on adjournment.

On board 5 your captain won a bishop in the early exchanges and after taking every opportunity to exchange off material reached adjournment with K + B + N + 2P v K + B. My opponent did not resign but with my good friend Fritz scoring it +12 in my favour I do not foresee anything but a win.
So although the score on adjournment was 1-3 there is every possibility that we can recover to draw 3-3, which would be a commendable achievement in the circumstances.