"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 02 Dec 2019
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Ealing 'C' v Hatch End 'B'
Result L: 1-4


BoardGradeEaling 'C'
Hatch End 'B'Grade
1 Jason Obihara
Grant-Ross, Peter 138
2 Carlo Paglialunga
Parsons, Robert 133
3 Alex Lushpa
Harvey, John T 112
5 David Websdale
Connor, Mark 104
5 David Housego
Wrigglesworth, Jim I 102

Captains Comment

Another narrowly fought tussle which unfortunately we lost 1 – 4. I wasn’t able to follow the games very well as I was playing, so the reports on the boards apart from board 5 are from the others who played.

On Board 1, Jason as white, opened with his favourite Bird’s opening, but got into problems losing pieces and pawns in the middle game without compensation and resigned.

Carlo, playing black on Board 2, opened with a Philidor Defence. He blundered a pawn early in the opening but all was not lost and black still had a playable position. Black managed to hold the position until the game reached the time control, still a pawn down. In the end game Carlo’s ‘h’ pawn queened, but unfortunately his opponent’s ‘g’ pawn also queened with a check and he was forced to swap off queens. White then had the advantage of the extra passed pawn so black resigned.

On Board 3, Alex playing white opened with 1.b3 the Nimzo-Larsen attack. He had a better position out of the opening, but overlooked a threat and made bad move which resulted in losing a piece. He tried using white’s lead in development to keep black’s king in the centre for as long as he could, but unfortunately that didn’t work. Later in the game black had an advanced passed pawn which white could not stop and Alex resigned. 

David W with black on Board 4, defended a Reti opening with an Old Indian defence and gained an early advantage, with control of an open d-file and a bishop on d3 that restricted the development of white's rooks. With the white major pieces hopelessly confined all that black had to do was to patiently bring up his knight to deliver the win. Instead he tried an attack with the queen that failed, lost a pawn and relieved the pressure on the d-file. Luckily, because David had not anticipated it, following this mistake a tactic revealed itself to win a knight. Queens and rooks were exchanged and black won the knight+pawns v pawns endgame. Well done to David for our only win on the night.

On board 5 I played white against a French defence by my opponent. The game proceeded evenly until white overlooked that his bishop was undefended and lost the piece to a queen check. The game then turned into a long defence by white, first on the queenside and then on the kingside, to hold the black pawns advance. The game continued until the end of the evening with black having the better position and a piece and pawn up. At this point Ealing had already lost 3 - 1 but we agreed to adjourn. Black sealed a move and, looking at the adjourned position white looked lost, so I resigned a couple of days later. However, having resigned I opened black’s sealed move, a poor move that would have lost his queen and the game. Unfortunately we all make mistakes, so don’t resign until you have to.