"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 25 Nov 2019
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Ealing 'C' v Harrow 'B'
Result L: 1-4


BoardGradeEaling 'C'
Harrow 'B'Grade
1 Jason Obihara
Deans, Mary Helen 129
2 Tony Braine
Wray, S David 121
3 Carlo Paglialunga
Stott, David A 116
4 Alex Lushpa
Goldsmith, Jennifer 97
5 David Websdale
Chadwick, Philil 78

Captains Comment

Although we were the stronger graded team, on the night our opponents Harrow B played the better chess and we lost the match 1 – 4. A disappointing result for the team.

On board 1 Jason played black against Harrow’s team captain. He played the French opening and soon went a pawn up. However at a critical stage in the game he left his rook en prix and lost the piece. He pressed a mating attack with queen and rook on white’s castled king but lost exchanges in the tense play and resigned when he was two pieces down. 0 - 1

Tony played the Sokolsky as white on board 2 and had an equal position coming out of the opening. This was a game characterised by multiple missed tactical opportunities by both players, sadly more tellingly by white than black. First black miscalculated giving Tony the chance to go two pawns up, but he shied away from the doable but quite long calculation and took a “safe” option. But not taking the opportunity handed black a strong position and under pressure Tony miscalculated twice more, black taking the second opportunity to go knight for rook up. Tony fought on but blundered again, now under time pressure and black won. 0 - 2

Carlo playing black on board 3 played the Philidor Lion Defence against white’s e4 opening move. Carlo was very satisfied with the opening play and won a pawn early in the game. However black allowed his opponent to gradually attack his king side with queen and knight and worried unnecessarily about mating threats to his king. Black offered a premature draw thinking there was going to be an unavoidable threefold repetition, but realized too late that his bishop could retreat and defend his attacked h7 pawn, avoiding a draw. White, who would have had no play from there and in a position where black stood much better, gratefully accepted the offered draw. ½ - 2 ½

Alex Lushpa was white on board 4 and opened with the Nimzo-Larsen Attack 1.b3. His opponent was able to equalize the position and after a series of exchanges the game was quite even. Alex, a bit short on time, offered a draw as he could not see a clear plan for both sides, and the draw was accepted. 1 – 3

David, black on bottom board, defended a queen-pawn opening with an Old Indian defence. This led to a middle game without either side really engaging, but following the exchange of queens and both knights, David secured two powerful bishops with open diagonals that penetrated white's first and second ranks, severely restricting the development of his rooks. Having won a pawn David had opportunities to wreak havoc with the bishops, but chose instead to retreat and totally lost the initiative, allowing rooks to be exchanged and a passed pawn that could not be stopped. 1 - 4