"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Thu 14 Nov 2019
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Harrow 'B' v Ealing 'C'
Result L: 3.5-1.5


BoardGradeHarrow 'B'
Ealing 'C'Grade
1129Deans, Mary Helen
Tony Braine
2121Wray, S David
Carlo Paglialunga
3116Stott, David A
Alex Lushpa
4113Sartain, Patrick P
David Housego
597Goldsmith, Jennifer
Geoff Richards

Captains Comment

We were unlucky to lose our recent match against Harrow B in the Hillingdon league by 3.5 – 1.5.

On board 1 Tony played black in an exchange Caro-Kann. White obtained a small but long-lasting initiative on the queen’s side by virtue of a pushed pawn on c5. Tony defend this solidly however and eventually opened up the position with an e5 pawn push. Now Tony had slightly the more active position but white, now short of time, managed to exchange queens and rooks, the tension left the position and a draw was agreed with the position evenly balanced. ½ - ½

On board 2 Carlo played white against black’s Caro-Kann opening. White soon launched a forceful attack, but whilst pressing the attack, miscalculated and lost a rook. White pressed on with his attack, but now black had good defences and white resigned after losing a further piece. ½ - 1½ 

On board 3 Alex playing black opened with the French Defence and white chose to play the Tarrasch variation 3.Nd2. Alex played the classical line with 3. ... Nf6. Apparently his opponent wasn't very familiar with the theory of this opening and after a few moves black was able to win his e5 pawn. Later black also won white’s rook for his light square bishop and started creating mating threats. White resigned before mate in 2. 1½ - 1½

On board 4 David as white played against a Pirc Hyper Modern opening by black. There were early exchanges in the centre, then with white’s pieces largely on the queenside, black began an attack on white’s king, which was castled kingside. White defended, but with his kingside pawn structure weakened, black was able to exploit the lack of defensive pieces and forced white’s king out to h3 where it succumbed to a mating attack by black’s bishops. 2½ - 1½

On board 5 Geoff’s game, in which he was playing black, came down to an endgame where black was better, with pawns and rook against white’s bishop and pawns. However on boards 1, 3 and 5 quickplay is the default option and with black close to a win his time unfortunately ran out. Geoff wrote "Playing black I defended the London System and the game proceeded along well-trodden text-book lines. A tactical oversight in the middle game by my opponent allowed me to win a whole rook but unfortunately I returned the compliment a few moves later by leaving my knight en pris. The game eventually boiled down to a very drawish (as confirmed by my good friend Fritz) R + 3P v her B + 5P but I was by this some thirty minutes down on time, a disadvantage that I could not overcome in a quick-play finish. Very frustrating!"