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Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Thu 31 Oct 2019
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Richmond 'A' v Ealing 'A'
Result W: 5.5-2.5


BoardGradeRichmond 'A'
Ealing 'A'Grade
1224Wall, Gavin
Philip Makepeace
2217Healey, Michael W
Rajat Makkar
3180White, Chris
John Quinn
4177Bass, John W
Alan Perkins
5166Barlow, Bertrand A
Tony Wells
6167James, Richard
Simon Healeas
7157Kamath, Raghu
Hristo Colov
8145Rashid-Farouki, Eamon
Alastair Johnstone

Captains Comment

This win was a much needed boost to the morale for Ealing 1st-teamers after a torrid start to the season.

Although Hristo's loss gave Richmond the early lead it proved a false augury as they failed to win on any of the remaining boards.

Both Phil and John concluded early draws. Phil comments on his own game: "I neutralised Gavin’s Advance Caro-Kann before forcing a perpetual following a complex middlegame. The most pleasing aspect was how much better I dealt with the transition from middlegame to ending than in our individual game last year."

Happily, I was able to continue my rediscovered run of form with a satisfying performance with the white pieces. In a typically double-edged Sicilian, my attack bit first, breaking though on the kingside with decisive effect. While Black harboured hopes of delivering mate on a1, I got there first by queening my g-pawn and mating on b8.

Ealing took the lead when Tony converted his advantage of the exchange.

Next to finish ws Rajat who delivered a fantastic win on board 2 with his bishop and knight proving more potent than his opponent's lone rook.

With Alan coming back into form with another win - I'm not sure when Alan last played on board 4 - Ealing sealed the match win.

Last to finish was Simon who was giving no quarter in a typically attritional battle with Richard James.  As Simon reports: "Against a queen's pawn opening my well-respected opponent, Richard James, played the Stonewall Dutch. Following early expansion on the queenside, at move 27 I had the opportunity to play b4 and secure a stable and lasting edge. Rather weakly, I played a5 instead which greatly diminished any possible chance of gaining an advantage. Not surprisingly, the game petered out to a draw 12 moves later.

A great result for the team finally ending Richmond's irritating habit of beating us 4½-3½!