"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 28 Oct 2019
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture Ealing 'B' v Harrow Juniors 'B'
Result W: 5-0


BoardGradeEaling 'B'
Harrow Juniors 'B'Grade
1 Simon Healeas
Gurjar, Siena 93
2 Harry Symeonidis
Chopra, Manmay None
3 Christopher Yapp
Evans, Daniel None
4 Tony Braine
Jayakumar, Bharath None
5 Carlo Paglialunga
Evans, Joseph None

Captains Comment

Having seen the earlier result from Harrow Juniors B team v Hatch End A, I expected a closer result than the 5-0 that was achieved. However, several of the team that gave Hatch End such a close match were playing for the juniors' A team v Mark's A team that same night, leaving the juniors' B team less competitive than might otherwise have been.

On bottom board Carlo opened with a King's Indian attack against a Sicilian, soon winning a Knight for a pawn. With his King exposed to an attack by Queen and Bishop, black resigned after 14 moves.

With all remaining games showing no decisive advantage for either side I retired to the bar for a beer to celebrate the early win with Carlo. On returning all four games had taken a turn in Ealing's favour.

Simon on top board played a Queen's pawn Catalan with the white pieces. Queens were exchanged after five minutes play and Simon was able to open the a-file and populate it with doubled Rooks. With advanced b and c pawns Simon captured, first a pawn, then a Bishop. The c pawn was forced through to promotion resulting in exchanges leaving B+N+4p v 4p ! Black was not inclined to concede so Simon patiently wiped up a few pawns and queened one of his own before grinding out a Q+K v K mate.

Harry played a French defence on board two. White did not follow the standard procedure but played 2.d3, followed by a King-side fianchetto. Patient manoeuvring by Harry paid dividends, with Rook, Bishop and Knight active close to the white King. The middle game evolved to an imbalance with Harry's B+6p v his opponent's B+N+3p, but a blunder by white led to an earlier end than might otherwise have been.

Chris, white on board three, opened with a Bird that was defended by a Sicilian-like setup. The black Bishop at g7 prevented Chris from fianchettoing his Queen-side Bishop, which was blocked in by pawns on e3, f4. Chris then prepared a King-side pawn storm on black's castled King that resulted (I missed the details) in a B+7p v B+4p endgame and a straightforward win.

Tony defended against a d4 opening with the Dutch defence, picking up a centre pawn early in the game. The white pawns were badly deployed, doubled and isolated, and when Tony captured a piece while threatening mate, the game was all over.

So, Ealing B complete a second 5-0 win in successive weeks. A good start to the season. Our next opponents will be Hatch End B, whom we play away on November 26th.