"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 21 Oct 2019
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Ealing 'C' v Ealing 'B'
Result L: 0-5


BoardGradeEaling 'C'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1 Jason Obihara
Milewska, Agnieszka 146
2 Carlo Paglialunga
Symeonidis, Harry 141
3 Geoff Richards
Goussous, Sami 134
4 Michael J Smith
Braine, Anthony 125
5 Leo Shtutin
Bates, Trevor 119

Captains Comment

In our return match against Ealing B last Monday evening, we faced a team who outgraded us on all boards except the top board. Ealing B played very well and won the match by a clean sweep (0 – 5). However all the C team played well and went down fighting.

On Board 1 Jason as white played his usual Bird Opening against Agnieska. Both players castled king side and Jason soon launched an attack with his rooks on the kingside. Agnieska defending well was able to hold him off and created passed pawns on the ‘e’ and ‘d’ file in the centre. Jason pressed his attack, but Agnieska was able to push her passed pawns, and although white was able to capture her pawn on the ‘d’ file with his bishop he couldn’t stop the ‘e’ pawn queening, when he resigned.

On Board 2 Carlo played black against Harry. White’s opening was the Czech Benoni, so named when white closes the centre by playing e5. Black’s play was about equal but on move 16 Carlo exchanged knights on h5 allowing Harry’s queen to commence a king side attack with queen, rook and pawn. White sacrificed a bishop to open black’s kingside and penetrate his queen onto black’s back rank. Harry soon captured black’s rook on a8, and with his queen on the back rank and rooks attacking the black king’s position, Carlo resigned. His analysis afterwards seemed to show that he would have been better to allow knight exchanges on f6, leaving the position more even.

Playing on Board 3, Geoff as white played a queen pawn opening against which Sami, as black, countered with a fianchetto of his queenside bishop. Both castled kingside, but in the middle game play white lost two pawns in the centre and black created a passed pawn on the ‘e’ file. Black forced the exchange of his queen for the two white rooks. Sami then launched a mating attack with his two rooks, bishop and passed pawn that white’s queen couldn’t contain, at which point Geoff resigned. 

On Board 4, Michael played black against Tony’s English Opening. Both castled kingside and the play was even during the opening and middle games, with pieces and pawns exchanged and coming down to a bishop, king and pawn ending. In the endgame Michael commented -   “However Tony's black squared bishop seemed better than my black squared bishop - as all my pawns were on black squares and all his were on white. After swapping off bishops Tony managed to infiltrate his ‘h’ pawn which was now a protected passed pawn. The position was still salvageable according to the computer, but required very good end game play which was beyond me”. Michael resigned when Tony was able to infiltrate his king via the white squares to either support the advance of his ‘h’ pawn or start capturing black’s queenside pawns.

Leo, playing white on Board 5 against Trevor, opened with a king’s pawn advance and generally had the better position until his twelfth move, when he allowed a pawn fork on his bishop and knight and black captured a piece. He fought on for 30 more moves, with his position deteriorating and resigned after Trevor captured further pieces. It was Leo’s first Hillingdon league game and he was pitted against a stronger and more experienced opponent.