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Match Result

Season 19/20
Date Mon 07 Oct 2019
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Ealing 'A' v Ealing Juniors 'A'
Result L: 2-6


BoardGradeEaling 'A'
Ealing Juniors 'A'Grade
1 Philip Makepeace
Stoyanov, Viktor 220
2 Alan Perkins
Makkar, Rajat 197
3 Hristo Colov
Yoon, Jacob D 190
4 Simon Healeas
Tombolis, Christopher 186
5 Jason Obihara
Wu, Haotian 179
6 Mark Winterbotham
Thatte, Nischal 170
7 Alastair Johnstone
Cowan, Xavier 157
8 David Websdale
Tombolis, Glafcos 82

Captains Comment

Ealing Juniors once again put the senior team to the sword in the second leg of this double header.

Ealing A's line-up was a downgrade on the first match with neither of the two points scorers available this time around.  Boths sides fielded stop-gaps on bottom board.

The early auguries were encouraging with Phil holding Viktor to a draw on top board and Alan gaining revenge over Rajat for last week's defeat.  It should have become 2½-½ as I had launched a successful attack on Xavier's king only to fall at the last hurdle. I saw that the move I played won a piece for a paawn but I failed to notice that tghe move Rxg7 would have forced Black to give up his queen for my rook.  I should still have won the ensuing endgame but after a series of poor moves contrived to lose it!

Elsewhere both Jason and Hristo fell to the tactical virtuosity of thir youing opponents.  When I first saw Hristo's position his king was under attack from Jacob's bishop, rook and queen with a second rook poised to join in the fun on the back rank. In a word, undefendable.

After an unusual opening, Mark looked to have reached a drawn endgame but Nishchal exploited a minor weakness in his pawn structure to force through the win.

Davidwho kindly stepped in on bottom board was at one stage the exchange up against the opposing captain, who was also reostered in at the last minute, but the aterial balance swung away from him. Finally, in his attempts to restore the balance he unfortunately overlooked a mating attack.

Simon, as ever, offered a stubborn defence and reached the time-control in an even R and 3P ending which Christopher reluctantly accepted was drawn.