"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Tue 28 May 2019
Competition:Middlesex League Division 2
Fixture Kings Head '2' v Ealing 'B'
Result L: 2-6


BoardGradeKings Head '2'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1188Davey, Mark
Jason Obihara
2171Whitehead, David J
Harvey Grewal
3167Morrison, Julian
Tony Braine
4137Dunn, Richard S
Trevor Bates
5NoneMackellar, Laurie
Christopher Yapp
6120Balatoni, Richard A
David Websdale
7106Ryan, John
David Housego

Captains Comment

Another fine victory on board 1 for Jason.

 Harvey writes about his game on board 2: ‘My game last night opened as a Queen Pawn - Indian Defence. The game was close and we reached an endgame with Q+N+6Ps each. He had 2 Weak Ps so I felt I had the winning chances or at least an easy draw. However out of nowhere he trapped my K in a Q+N mating net.  This pattern was easy to stop but as I had never seen it before; I only realised the danger one move too late, Clearly he has done a lot of book study and that’s why he is a 170. A sudden and disappointing ending for me but well played to my opponent.’


Tony, on board 3, played black in the Dutch against a 36 points higher graded opponent. White’s e3 and Bd3 system shouldn’t have been threatening but carelessness on move order gave white a promising initiative. No blunders from Tony but white exploited any inaccuracy and his initiative gradually turned into an overwhelming attack, black resigning after 28 moves.


 On board 4, Trevor Bates (White) played the Torre Attack and black played a solid line developing his bishop at g7. Trevor made an early mistake and by move 15 was down a knight for two pawns. This was followed by two hours of manoeuvering where both sides fought hard to make progress until black lost a third pawn and the advantage then swung Trevor's way. Black then simplified to an endgame where he was a pawn down (N+4 vs N+3) and, with a minute or so on both clocks and with no prospect of quickly checkmating his opponent, Trevor accepted the offer of a draw.


David Websdale writes about his game as White on board 6: ‘With white I opened e4 and we entered a Giuoco Piano with an early pawn sacrifice, that was not taken up by black. I had the better of the middle game, first winning a pawn, then the exchange of a Rook for my Knight. As a result my King was exposed, but defensible and Fritz gave me 3 pawns up, but in attempting to swap Queens I thought long and hard before moving my Queen into the path of a distant Bishop where she was immediately swallowed. In Carlo's words, I had a won game. Absurd blunder.’