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Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 08 Apr 2019
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Ealing 'A' v Richmond '1'
Result L: 3.5-4.5


BoardGradeEaling 'A'
Richmond '1'Grade
1 Philip Makepeace
Wall, Gavin 223
2 Alan Perkins
Healey, Michael W 212
3 Patryk Stanisz
Shepley, Julien M 174
4 John Quinn
Burke, John 181
5 Rajat Makkar
White, Chris 177
6 Joao Santos
James, Richard 167
7 Simon Healeas
Kamath, Raghu 169
8 Alastair Johnstone
Wood-Robinson, Max P 176

Captains Comment

Ealing A's survival in Division One hangs in the balance after this agonising loss as we fell to our third 3½-4½ defeat of the season.

In recognition of the importance of the contest, both sides fielded their strongest line-up of the season, although my late substitution for Hristo lowered the Ealing average. Richmond were stronger at the top and bottom of the order with relative parity in the middle-order.

Joao was first to finish, feeling unwell on the night he made a draw offer after just 15 moves which his opponent was happy to accept as he thought 'he had misplayed the opening.'  The deadlock was maintained when further draws followed from Patryk and John but I was having one of my better days on bottom board when I spotted a spectacular rook sacrifice which should have won on the spot, as he had to return rook and queen to prevent mate but, returning to my normal level of play it actually took me a further 47 moves to finally convert the point and give Ealing the lead in the match.

Sadly our lead was short-lived as Richmond equalised when Alan succumbed to complications after his draw offer was refused and although Rajat restored the lead with a maturely played win in the endgame on Board 5, both the remaining games went to Richmond; Phil's IM opponent successfully converting with an extra pawn in a rook endgame and Simon's pawn barricade finally crumbling in the latter stages of the QP finish.

With an average grade of over 180 in this match it seems crazy to think that Ealing A could be playing Division Two chess next year but that fate awaits us unless a decision is made to restore TVL DIv. One to eight teams.