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Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Wed 20 Mar 2019
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Surbiton '1' v Ealing 'A'
Result L: 1-7


BoardGradeSurbiton '1'
Ealing 'A'Grade
1199Briscoe, Chris
Philip Makepeace
2199Tambini, Jasper
Alan Perkins
3199Gill, Oliver
Rajat Makkar
4198Scott, David
Hristo Colov
5190Chaudhry, ALtaf
Nilomi Desai
6183Shepherd, Paul D
Simon Healeas
7185Stewart, Tony CM
Alastair Johnstone
8177Henderson, Ian R
John Harvey

Captains Comment

Unable to repeat last week's result, Ealing A suffered to a heavy defeat against a strong Surbiton team.  Despite welcome reinforcement from two of our juniors, we ended up with a grading deficit of 30 points a board.

Alan was the only Ealing player to trouble the scorers continuing his revival in form with another impressive win with the black pieces.  Elsewhere, it was all something of a struggle.

I was unable to quell the initiative my opponent gained from an Accelerated Dragon. Although I chased his queen around the board for a few moves, I disappointingly failed to extinguish the fire of the dragon bishop that played a pivotal role in delivering the denouement.

John, who kindly stepped in at short notice to complete the team, was next to fall but no disgrace given he was ceeding a 70-point grade differential to his opponent.

At first glance, it looked as though Nilomi had a promising position and indeed, her opponent confieded to me afterwards that he had blundered, but in the course of a few moves, she was pushed back with loss of material and her foe prevailed.

The story was much the same on the other boards: Hristo's bishop couldn't compete with his opponent's 4Ps and he was gradually worn down.  Rajat was the victim of an elegant combination which left him entering a Q and P endgame three pawns down and, despite stubborn resistance, he couldn't prevent the inevitable.  Phil invested a pawn for attack but was unable to strike a decisive blow against stubborn defence and the deficit told in the endgame.  Finally, Simon's resistance was finally broken when he was confronted with multiple unanswered threats. As Simon said: 'I never could work out how to prevent two mates'.

So, a tough night. At full strength we would have been competitive but, while I thank all of those who did show up, with so many absentees we were always going to be up against it.  The next month will determine our fate.