"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 03 Jun 2019
Competition:Middlesex League Division 2
Fixture Ealing 'B' v Kings Head '2'
Result L: 0-8


BoardGradeEaling 'B'
Kings Head '2'Grade
1 Jason Obihara
Davey, Mark 188
2 Carlo Paglialunga
Disu, Kayode 171
3 Leslie Pringle
Grant-Ross, Peter 141
4 Trevor Bates
Mackellar, Laurie None
5 Christopher Yapp
Dunn, Richard S 137
6 Jerry Scott
Balatoni, Richard A 120
7 Amars Sachdev
Ryan, John 106
8 David Housego
Zeni, Pierpauli 106

Captains Comment

Sad to be whitewashed again; a few of the games were quite close and I was expecting a win on board 5.


On board 2, Carlo lost a short game falling victim to a combination.


Board 3, Leslie played too quickly to a Larson attack and allowed outposts against him that proved decisive.


On board 4 Trevor Bates, playing white faced the Queens Indian Defence. Following a few central exchanges he had a small plus but then had the choice of playing Rd4 on to the open file with advantage or swapping off Queens and then playing Rd4. This, however, allowed a clever deflection move which lost the exchange. Unfortunately Trevor miscalculated and played the latter line and resigned a few moves later.


On board 5, Chris had all the pressure against his opponent’s king, but fell victim to a faulty clock which discombobulated him and let the win slip when his opponent played a clever combination.