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Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 18 Feb 2019
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Ealing 'A' v Wimbledon '1'
Result W: 6-2


BoardGradeEaling 'A'
Wimbledon '1'Grade
1 Alan Perkins
Haldane, Robin W 190
2 Patryk Stanisz
Hughes, Anthony 169
3 Joao Santos
Keene, Nick R 163
4 Michael Lamb
Rennie, Gordon 157
5 Simon Healeas
Pramod Paleri, Aditya 156
6 Jason Obihara
Ingle, Sean M 142
7 Mark Winterbotham
Default None
8 Alastair Johnstone
Default None

Captains Comment

With a two-point start courtesy of a double default from our visitors, Ealing A romped to a comfortable win over the reigning league champions and current league leaders, Wimbledon A.

Joao and Simon consolidated Ealing's advantage with solid draws in the team's cause, before a trio of wins put the match beyond Wimbledon's reach.

Patryk's opponent arrived somewhat late and paid the penalty by losing on time, albeit when already in a patently losing position. Mike went into a R+P endgame two pawns to the good and converted without any great problem. Finally Jason, elevated to board six once the defaults were declared, played a very fine game culminating in a pretty finish when his pieces crashed through on the back rank.

Alan was the only Ealing casualty of the evening untypically coming unstuck early on from the black side of a Sicilian.  Two pawns down and denied the chance to castle, the middlegame was white's to control and, despite all Alan's ingenuity, the game could not be saved.

The match win goes some way to easing Ealing's relegation concerns and must severely dent Wimbledon's chances of retaining their crown but much remains to be played for in the closing months of the season.