"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Fri 15 Feb 2019
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture Greenford '1' v Ealing 'B'
Result L: 0.5-4.5


BoardGradeGreenford '1'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1173Anthony Fulton
Simon Healeas
2168Martin Chrichton
Theochrasis Symeonidis
3158Leon Fincham
Alastair Johnstone
4150David White
Trevor Bates
5149Michael Price
Christopher Yapp

Captains Comment

David Websdale writes:

Having secured a draw against Greenford earlier in the season, I looked forward to a close result on
Friday night. It was not to be - we went down by 4.5-0.5, the draw coming from top board Simon's
excellent result against an opponent graded thirty points higher. In fact all team members were outgraded
by 20-50 points.

Trevor was the first to finish, playing black on board four he lost his a8 Rook to capture by a Knight.
By delaying recapture of the Knight Trevor saw an opportunity to at least gain a pawn first.
Unfortunately the manoeuvre resulted in his opponent's Queen covering the escape square for his Knight.
Down by Rook to pawn, Trevor resigned.

Simon opened d4 on top board and continued with a Catalan formation that was defended by a cautious
Old-Indian-like defence, with pawns on c6,d6,and e6 - the usual e5 break only coming later. Simon's
summary follows:  "When playing Anthony Fulton I normally receive a free chess lesson in the art of
attacking play. But Friday's encounter proved to be an exception. Much to my relief, it was a
quiet, uneventful game which petered out into a draw in 26 moves. It made a nice change."

Christopher, white on board five started with the Bird opening, met by d5. the game progressed without
incident to a very crowded middle game in which Christopher appeared to develop a King-side attack with
Queen, Knight and Bishop. The attack came to nought and after 35 moves only one pawn on each side had
left the field of play. When his opponent advanced a passed d-pawn he moved his Knight to the a1 corner,
where it was trapped "for ever" by his own pawns and an opposing pawn advanced to d3. Exchanges did not
improve the situation, and unable to approach the promotion-bound pawn with his King, Christoper

On board three, Alastair's e4 was met by a modern defence (with 3..c3). Alastair played forcefully,
advancing a,b pawns to the fifth rank. In spite of securing a passed a-pawn he lost a pawn in a
Rook-fight along the c,d files. Following several exchanges the game was reduced to K+N+4P v K+N+5P in
which the opponent's extra pawn went through and Alastair conceded.

Harry played the French defence to a King's-Indian-like opening by white. He pushed a,b,c,d pawns out to
the fifth rank and appeared to have the better piece development. Following exchange of Queens Harry's
opponent sets out to win a pawn, nicely thwarted by Harry's f5, but then completed after a further Rook
exchange. Now white has a passed c-pawn in a R+5P v R+4P endgame. Down to R+2P v R+P, Harry was short of
time and forced to find *all* the right moves to survive, whereas his opponent could make inferior moves
without consequence. Rooks were exchanged and the extra pawn won the day for white.