"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 21 Jan 2019
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Wimbledon '1' v Ealing 'A'
Result D: 4-4


BoardGradeWimbledon '1'
Ealing 'A'Grade
1203Granat, Russell G
John Quinn
2198Chavannes, Ivar
Alan Perkins
3193Picot, Russell C
Philip Makepeace
4180Haridas, Girinath
Tony Wells
5191Haldane, Robin W
Joao Santos
6171Hughes, Anthony
Simon Healeas
7176Dubey, Mark J
Mark Winterbotham
8183Heppell, Ian N
Alastair Johnstone

Captains Comment

Thanks to a strong performance at the top of the order and solid resistance elsewhere, we emerged with a highly creditable draw from this tough assignment.

Wimbledon fielded a strong side which became even stronger when their captain stepped in as  substitute on board 8 against yours truly. Although I reached a relatively equal middlegame on the black side of a Moscow Sicilian a few loose moves led to a rapid deterioration in my position and the point duly went south.

Both Alan and Joao had both agreed draws by this stage and a further draw soon followed in Simon's game but Wimbledon extended their lead when Tony succumbed on board 4.

Ealing's fight-back started with another sparkling win by Phil on 3. I confess that my initial impression was that Phil was worse but, as he delivered a win five minutes later, I had clearly misjudged the position.

Mark soon agreed a further draw on 7, understandably given that a Benoni-like blcked centre allowed little scope for either player to make contact with the enemy king.

So the match hinged on John's game on 1, which had distilled down to an endgame of B+3P vs. N+2P. Despite the material advantage it looked as though Black was set to thwart John's efforts by denying his king any point of penetration. I began contemplating a reprise of the Hammersmith match with another frustrating 3½-4½ defeat looming but, happily, John found a way to free his king and the point was in the bag.

There are no easy matches in this division but this result shows that, on our night we can hold our own with anyone and if we keep on grinding away, we may still be able to engineer our survival. Onwards and upwards!