"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 14 Jan 2019
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Ealing 'C' v Hatch End '2'
Result W: 3-2


BoardGradeEaling 'C'
Hatch End '2'Grade
1 Jason Obihara
Parsons, Robert 136
2 Tony Braine
Grant-Ross, Peter 136
3 Carlo Paglialunga
Harvey, John T 122
4 Alex Lushpa
Wrigglesworrth, Jim I 119
5 David Housego
Connor, Mark 99

Captains Comment

David Housego writes:

In our first match of 2019 we played at home against Hatch End B, whose team were similarly graded to ours. The final result was 3 – 2 to Ealing after Alex’s adjourned game on Board 4 (see below) was agreed as a draw.

On Board 2, Tony played black in the Caro-Kann against a similarly graded opponent. White played cautiously but accurately, never completely losing nor gaining on his slight first move advantage. It was an unusually error free game, aided by its quiet nature - computer analysis afterwards showed both players consistently making sound moves and missing no tactics. Eventually the major pieces came off and a draw was agreed in a dead level endgame.

On Board 3, Carlo was white and John Harvey, his opponent, played his Sicilian game. Black played the Bc4 .... variation Fischer style....the match equally balanced. Neither were willing to give up their bishops so a near three fold repetition was about to take place...and a draw was soon agreed.

On Board 5 I also faced a Sicilian opening. White soon castled, but black started pushing his centre pawns on the ‘d’ and ‘e’ file and launched a kingside attack. However black made an error allowing white to capture his bishop in return for a pawn. At this point black’s king was still in the centre, but white failed to find the right moves to exploit this. With black still threatening a kingside attack, queens were exchanged and it came down to a rook and pawn endgame with white having the advantage of the extra bishop. Black held on well and a draw was agreed by repetition of moves.

On Board 1, Jason as white played his favoured Bird’s opening f4. He was able to take control of the centre, closing it down, and create space on the kingside. Both of black’s bishops were quite inactive and trapped behind pawns. White’s pieces were active and trying to initiate an attack with rook on g3 and both knights in the middle of the board. White also pushed the h pawn up to break up the kingside defence. During this time black decided to sacrifice the rook exchange to release the pressure. Further exchanges resulting in white having rook and bishop vs black’s bishop and knight. The game ended shortly after with the white rook capturing more pawns and creating connected passed pawns for white on the queenside. White then exchanged his rook for black’s knight and went into the endgame with a straightforward win, as black was no longer able to stop the passed pawns promoting.

On Board 4 Alex was playing black, in a fairly even game. At the end of the evening white had four pawns to black’s three, but with a rook each still on the board and no passed pawns they agreed to adjourn. If a draw is the outcome, which looks likely, we’ll win the match.