"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 07 Jan 2019
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Ealing 'A' v Hammersmith '1'
Result L: 3.5-4.5


BoardGradeEaling 'A'
Hammersmith '1'Grade
1 John Quinn
Pedersen, Carsten 197
2 Alan Perkins
Bonn, Thomas 193
3 Patryk Stanisz
Kelmendi, Bajrush 190
4 Philip Makepeace
Eche, Sylvain None
5 Joao Santos
Niccoli, Tony 188
6 Simon Healeas
Stevenson, James AB 174
7 Mark Winterbotham
Kennelly, Paul 158
8 Alastair Johnstone
Nefyodov, Pavel 154

Captains Comment

This one hurt. After a tense battle, Ealing A were edged out in the end by a high-flying Hammersmith team with aspirations of winning the TVL title for the first time in their history.

For much of the evening, it looked as though Ealing were going to prevail.  I didn't see play on the eraly games but John finished first agreeing a draw on top board with Hammersmith stalwart Carsten Pederson. A second draw then followed when my draw offer on the black side of a Najdorf was accepted on board eight. Ealing took the lead when Phil won with the black pieces on four, but the lead didn't last long, as Simon succumbed on seven.

When I did have a chance to look around the boards, it looked for all the world as though Hammersmith were going to take the lead when Alan was forced to sacrifice his queen for two minor pieces on the black side of a KID Samisch but somehow parity was restored and witha sterile rook and pawn ending beckoning a draw was agreed.

After Alan's remarkable recovery, the position in the remaining games gave cause for optimism, with both Patryk and Mark standing better and Joao at worst level, but there was a vicious twist in the tail.

Firstly in Patryk's game it transpired that the queen was the pivotal piece with Patryk's king's lacking defensive cover and the minor pieces not co-ordinating as well as could be desired.  Patryk was also running very chort of time and over the space of a few moves, the black pieces forced material concessions which turned the game on its head.

Mark justified my optimism by bringing home a very nice win on the white side of a French Defence, firstly winning the exchange then hounding down the enemy king with a nicely played mating attack.

So the match hinged on Joao's game on board five.  A crowd gathered round the board to witness the final stages, another rook and pawn endgame with both players having passers but crucially less than 5 minutes on the clock. Sadly it was the clocks that determined the final outcome, when Joao played f4 to support his e5-pawn when e6 would still have led to a draw and somehow Hammersmith had grasped victory from the jaws of defeat.

Fair play to Hammersmith: they showed a strong team spirit that should  serve them well in their quest for glory.  Ealing, meanwhile, should not lose heart as there were some fine performances here and the result could very easily have fallen the other way.