"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Wed 12 Dec 2018
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture West London '1' v Ealing 'B'
Result D: 2.5-2.5


BoardGradeWest London '1'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1171Hayler, Andrew
Simon Healeas
2NoneSammut Briffa, Peter
Ben Wade
3168Kamath, Raghu
Amr Khalil
4154Campbell, Russell
Theochrasis Symeonidis
Jose Marcos de Oliveira

Captains Comment

David Websdale writes:
Last night we visited Chiswick Town Hall to play our return match against 
West London A. Once again we were heavily outgraded on all boards, but 
helped by our opponents' default on bottom board, we secured a 2.5-2.5 
draw. Thanks to Jose for stepping in at late notice - only to be 
deselected on the afternoon of the match, when we were informed of West 
London's incomplete team.

All games were played with ten second increments and quick play finish. 
Not that this bore any relevance for Amr's game on board three - a Max 
Lange opening rapidly developed into a highly tactical game with both 
players needing to take care of their f2/f7 pawns. When black managed to 
castle it was imperative that Amr exchange his Bishop for the Knight, 
previously pinned on c6. He didn't, and soon found the black Queen 
checking on his back rank, capturing the Rook and mopping up pawns. It was 
an early game-over and Amr conceded.

Ben's game with black on board two began with an exchange version of the 
French Defence. Both players reached an even middle game, Ben had an 
isolated d-pawn but skilfully exchanged it, resulting in the same for 
white. With both players holding 2R+N, equal pawns and no significant 
advantage, a draw was agreed.

Harry's opponent opened with a Reti, that developed into a Queen's gambit 
- Slav Defence position. At move 11 Harry thought for a long time, finally 
deciding to sacrifice his Bishop for the pawn on h2. I think I would have 
done the same (the computer would not). With both his Rooks requiring 
several moves to actively participate, Harry now had to find the right 
moves for his limited resources - Queen and two Knights - to push for the 
win. It was now his opponent's turn to need a lot of thinking time, which 
he used to bring his two back-rank Rooks into an effective defence. The 
position remained complicated and on several occasions the best moves were 
not found (dixit computer). By now Harry's time was up and he was 
surviving on his ten second increments. With the Queens off the board and 
R+B against his lone Knight, Harry resigned.

Simon on top board opened d4. It was defended Indian style, but by the 
time I saw the position I was unable to identify which species. What was 
notable was that no Bishops were fianchettoed by Simon in this game. Simon 
established an a+b+c pawn front that was faced by weaker a+c pawns. Soon 
the b+C pawns were through, but with the c pawn advanced to c7, Simon 
needed to retreat his Queen to defend the threats from Q+R+pawns against 
his King. Threats parried, Simon patiently managed the position so that he 
could bring the b-pawn up to support the promotion. His opponent resigned. 
A second great win for Simon in their two Hillingdon league clashes this