"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Thu 06 Dec 2018
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Richmond '1' v Ealing 'A'
Result L: 3.5-4.5


BoardGradeRichmond '1'
Ealing 'A'Grade
1222Wall, Gavin
John Quinn
2205Healey, Michael W
Alan Perkins
3180Shepley, Ju;en M
Philip Makepeace
4170James, Richard
Hristo Colov
5267White, Chris
Alex Reeves
6NoneWood-Robinson, Max
Simon Healeas
7141Waldock, Adrian DP
Jason Obihara
8137Molazadeh, Masoud
Alastair Johnstone

Captains Comment

Our first visit to Richmond's new venue ended in a narrow defeat after a tight contest.

The constrained space in the match room made it nigh on impossible to follow progress on the other boards, so apologies in aadvance for the detail limitations in this report.

John has not yet rediscovered his amazing form of early 2018 and, depite a 30 minute start on the clock he was duly rolled over by Richmond's resident IM, Gavin Wall. A second defeat followed for Ealing when Andrew was bested on board 5.

The gap was narrowed however when Phil won on 3, coming out on top after what bhe describes as a 'bonkers' Philidor.  Alan followed with a, 'uneventful' draw on 2.

The match was momentarily level when I won on 8. I confess I was amazed to find my opponent's grade as he played a very poor game, including an illegal move on move 10 (the highly creative Nd4-a4!). He also declined to resign until move 59 when the material balance was K+P vs. K, 2R, B and 4P!

Unfortunately parity was short-lived as Hristo succumbed as I saw his game for the first time.

Simon, who is playing some very solid chess at present, reached the time control in a RB+4P vs. RN+4P endgame with no obvious way forward for either side. Although Simon selflessly offered to travel back to the depths of Hampton to try for a win, the chances seemed vanihsingly slim, so a draw offer was accepted and the match point went to Richmond.