"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Tue 27 Nov 2018
Competition:Middlesex League Division 2
Fixture Hammersmith '3' v Ealing 'B'
Result D: 4-4


BoardGradeHammersmith '3'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1150Mabud, Sheikh A
Jason Obihara
2140Dodgeon, Brian
Alastair Johnstone
3128Moore, Chris J
Harvey Grewal
4128Lambert, David
Martin Loat
5128Gill, Dipender
Trevor Bates
6NoneKarhunen, Ville
Christopher Yapp
794Rutherford, Nicholas
Geoff Richards

Captains Comment

Harvey Grewal playing Black on board 3 writes, ‘My opponent playing W opened with the unusual P-e3. This move loses space immediately and I was able to build up a strong spacial advantage by move 10. The extra space enabled both my N’s to penetrate deep into his territory. The N’s were threatening multiple forks and soon netted me his Q. This game was one of my earliest finishes and was over in 30 minutes.’

On bd 4 Martin Loat had White against a similarly graded opponent. Adopting his favoured London System, a quiet opening exploded into life later with a Knight sac.  Eschewing castling, Martin brought his pieces to the king side and eyed a “Greek gift” shot with Bxh7+, which his opponent thwarted. Objectively, Black stood better a pawn to the good but Martin threatened mate with a N on g5 and Q on h5 and when Black played the expected h6 parry, Martin took a deep breath and played h4, sacc’ing his Knight but opening the h file for his rooks after hxg5, hxg5.  This was a practical master stroke as Black burned time calculating. Then with only a minute left to make four moves, he went wrong as White’s Q, rooks and the handy pawn on g5-g6 harassed black’s king. At the death, White was winning the exchange and the better position as Black’s flag dropped. 1-0.   A good scrap to earn the full point and draw the match, given we had to default board 8. 

On board 5, Trevor Bates as Black played the Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defence and, following a couple of poor moves from his opponent, got a small advantage out of the opening but after the exchange of Queens, both Knights and a Bishop an early draw was agreed.