"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Thu 22 Nov 2018
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Harrow '2' v Ealing 'C'
Result W: 3-2


BoardGradeHarrow '2'
Ealing 'C'Grade
1119Sartain, Patrick P
Jason Obihara
2119Stott, David A
Jose Marcos de Oliveira
3115Wray, S David
Carlo Paglialunga
4106Goldsmith, Jennifer
David Websdale
5101Humphry, Phil S
Amars Sachdev

Captains Comment

On Board 1 Jason played the black side of the French defence advanced system. His opponent, not playing the best move after five moves, decided to push his pawn to g4, weakening his kingside dramatically. Jason proceeded to exchange knights on the kingside and put his queen on h5. Black’s king was in the middle at this point, and black castled queenside. From here on, it was difficult for white, as black had a passed pawn on the d file. White did try creating play on the queenside, but he had too many weaknesses. Later on losing a bishop and with two pawns to black’s five, of which 3 were passed pawns, and with no counterplay, white resigned.

On Board 2 Jose played his first game for the club. He writes ‘As white I started my game with e4 because I felt more comfortable playing something that I used to (after 15 years with no classic games experience). Black went for the Sicilian defence Taimanov variation.  According to StockFish, black had a better position until move 31 where he decided to exchange the rooks. Then the game was very draw-ish but white had a small advantage. After some of black’s bishop moves, white put his knight in a very good position and the game was won. However, unfortunately, I misunderstood the quick play rules and ran out of time in a won position. Although I’d lost, it was a very good experience to be back to the board.’

Carlo was playing black on Board 3, against his opponent who is a diehard London System player, which Carlo learned the hard way the last time he played him. So Carlo, being well prepared, did not want to fall into the same trap this time and brought out his queen’s bishop early 3...Bf5 gaining good active play that surprised white. With good play from both sides his opponent eventually succumbed by a blunder …Kf1??... on move 29. This allowed black’s queen to play ...Qh2!!..., then take with his bishop on h3 and force mate in a further three moves!

David, playing white on Board 4, his opponent defending with the Caro Kann. The game progressed along book lines, except that white delayed castling for far too long. Fortunately his opponent did not take advantage of two distinct chances to seize the initiative and white was able to advance f- g- and h-pawns with queen and rook in support. Black's king was soon defenceless and mated.

On Board 5 Amardeep played black against Harrow’s team captain. Having arrived late Amardeep was at a time disadvantage. Black played the Caro Kann and white soon castled kingside and opened the ‘e’ file for his rooks. Black also castled kingside, but as the endgame progressed black’s position deteriorated and losing two pawns with no counterplay to white, an endgame specialist, he eventually resigned.