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Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 19 Nov 2018
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Ealing 'A' v Wimbledon '2'
Result W: 5.5-2.5


BoardGradeEaling 'A'
Wimbledon '2'Grade
1 John Quinn
Tymms, Jonathn DM 164
2 Alan Perkins
Cannon, Neil 161
3 Philip Makepeace
Rennie, Gordon 157
4 David Ebbett
Rutkowski, Adrian R 151
5 Joao Santos
Ingle, Sean M 150
6 Hristo Colov
Wilcox, R John 150
7 Mark Winterbotham
Carpenter, Stephen CD 144
8 Simon Healeas
Default None

Captains Comment

Ealing B notched their first win of the season with a convincing performance against Wimbledon B.

The away team were unfrotunate in starting a man short when their top board's car suffered a puncture en route to the match. Given the free point, David was fully entitled to agree an early draw after a quiet game to consolidate our lead.

There was some lively play on the top boards with both Wimbledon players defying the grading to earn draws. Indeed, on top board, John was in some peril of losing after miscalculating a tactic in a sharp line - a Robatch I think - but managed to find an escape route exchanging down to a patently drawn endgame.  Alan was confronted with the Morra Gambit and, while never worse, was unable to achieve any meaningful advantage.

A further draw followed in Joao's game. With all four bishops fianchettoed the position was closed save for an open g-file but both players had that potential invasion route well-policed, so a hand-shake followed.

It looked for all money that a further draw was going to follow in Mark's game but his opponent obligingly overlooked a discovered check that allowed his queen to be pinned and it was a cue for immediate resignation.

Philip - a most welcome addition to the team - celebrated his debut with a win, although he was made to work hard for it. After an enterprising Scotch opening, play reached a R and P endgame. With accurate play, what seemed initially a slight edge became a winning advantage and Philip was able to successfully usher his passed pawn to the promotion square.

The final game reached the time control without resolution with Hristo electing to adjourn rather than accept the offer of a draw.

So a successful night in a match we had to win to harbour any expectation of extending our stay in Division One next season.  Next up, Richmond away.