"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Thu 01 Nov 2018
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Harrow Juniors '1' v Ealing 'C'
Result L: 0-5


BoardGradeHarrow Juniors '1'
Ealing 'C'Grade
1171Kirupakaran, Vishnu
Jason Obihara
2167Dhemrait. Jagdeep
Alastair Johnstone
3144Patel, Rishi
David Websdale
4142Shah, Kian
David Housego
5136Gurjar, Roshan
Michael J Smith

Captains Comment

David Housego writes:

For our return match against Harrow Juniors A we were heavily outgraded on most boards and lost 5 – 0.

On Board 1 Jason as white played his preferred Bird’s opening f4. His opponent wasn’t familiar with the opening and his initial moves took some time. Jason, from a good opening development, was able to initiate a powerful kingside attack. Black defended well and found a way to open the centre and counterattack. This gave white a few problems and with time running out Jason sacrificed a rook to press home his kingside attack with queen and rook. However black’s defence remained stalwart and white, losing a further rook in the exchanges and two pieces down, resigned.

On Board 2 Alastair says he anticipated getting black (for the eleventh game in a row!) and facing Jagdeep Dhemrait in a Grand Prix Attack. Sadly, despite this foresight, his defence still proved inadequate after an inaccuracy on his 16th move. Jagdeep's blitzkrieg approach to chess may lack subtlety but is nonetheless quite intimidating to face: all moves are forward, none back and after the 29th, with his king's defences shredded and a pawn about to promote, resignation was compelled.

David Websdale, on Board 3, played an unorthodox line as white against the Petroff, 3.Bc4. Several possibilities follow and require careful calculations – his were not optimal and white lost a pawn. The deficit was maintained throughout the middle and endgame when with K+5P v K+6P white could not get his king in two places at once to prevent the advancing pawns promoting. At this point white resigned.

On Board 4, David Housego played black against white’s Giuco Piano opening. An oversight by black in the middle game led to the loss of his white squared bishop for two pawns. White then launched a strong attack in the centre with both knights, queen and rook. Black defended stalwartly but resigned when a clever tactic by white’s central knights forced the loss of the black queen on move 30.

Michael Smith on Board 5 opened with the Smith Morra Gambit as white in reply to black’s attempt to play the Sicilian. The game was fairly even till move 28, when white allowed black to swap his queen for both white’s rooks. Black then had check and invaded white’s position with his rooks. White made a mistake again a few moves later and allowed mate.

Harrow Juniors A are playing a very strong team and are clearly hoping for promotion at the end of the season.