"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 22 Oct 2018
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 3
Fixture Ealing 'C' v Harrow Juniors '1'
Result L: 1.5-3.5


BoardGradeEaling 'C'
Harrow Juniors '1'Grade
1 Tony Braine
Kirupakaran, Vishnu 171
2 Carlo Paglialunga
Dhemrait. Jagdeep 167
3 David Housego
Patel, Rishi 144
4 Alex Lushpa
Shah, Kian 142
5 Amars Sachdev
Gurjar, Roshan 136

Captains Comment

David Housego writes:

We lost our first match of the season to a much stronger Harrow Juniors A team. Outgraded on all boards by 30 – 50 grading points, we went down 3.5 – 1.5.

Tony Braine, on Board 1, played the English as white and the first twelve moves followed book. Play developed on the queenside but neither side could gain more than a fraction of a pawn advantage despite numerous tactical complexities. However Tony fell behind on the clock and found himself with under five minutes to play seventeen moves against his opponent’s fifteen minutes. He soon blundered a couple of pawns and then lost on time, but by that point his position was probably untenable anyway. Black, 32 points higher graded, whilst never very threatening played accurately throughout, never gave an opening and managed his clock better.

On Board 2 Carlo Paglialunga played black. His much stronger opponent opened up with e4...so Carlo opted for a sneaky counter Pirc defence with ..d6 which worked out well for him. After a Queen exchange things were even and a draw was eventually agreed with King and Rook on the board for both colours.

David as white on Board 3 played the Ruy Lopez. Initially he was able to capture black’s ‘e’ pawn in the centre. The game then proceeded evenly with pieces including queens exchanged. Black then pushed pawns on the queenside, recapturing a pawn and creating a passed pawn on the ‘b’ file. Both then played on to move 60, when with black’s passed pawn on the seventh rank and white unable to stop its promotion without losing a piece in due course, white resigned.

Alex Lushpa, playing black on Board 4, opened with the French defence ‘Winawer’ variation. His opponent played very well. White exchanged pieces in the centre allowing his dark square Bishop to occupy e5 attacking Black’s Queen on c7. Black made a mistake when he moved his Queen to a5 allowing his opponent to take a b7 pawn with a rook taking control of the 7th rank. It was a decisive mistake, after which his opponent didn't give any chances to recover and black resigned.

Amardeep Sachdev was white on Board 5 against a Sicilian. However instead of the usual exchange of pawns on d4, white played Nc3 followed by black’s d6 on move 2. Black then fianchettoed his black bishop before castling kingside. White also castled kingside and then launched an attack on black’s king with bishops, the queen and knight. Although black defended well, he took his knight away from the kingside to capture a pawn, weakening his defence. Amardeep exploited this well, with a knight fork capturing a black rook. At this point black resigned as white threatened the capture of two kingside pawns opening up black’s king to further attack. 

Although we lost very well done to Carlo for drawing and Amardeep for winning against much higher graded opponents.