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Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 15 Oct 2018
Competition:Hillingdon League Division 2
Fixture Ealing '1' v Ealing 'B'
Result L: 1.5-3.5


BoardGradeEaling '1'
Ealing 'B'Grade
1201Stanisz, Patryk
Agnieszka Milewska
2167Ebbett, David
Simon Healeas
3NoneSantos, Joao AA
Alastair Johnstone
4150Winterbotham, Mark
Theochrasis Symeonidis
5138Obihara, Jason
Martin Loat

Captains Comment

David Websdale writes:

There was no major upset last night when we went down by 1.5 to 3.5 against Mark's A team.

On board three, playing with black, Alastair defended against Joao's Reti opening, opting to exchange fianchettoed bishops early in the game. Entering the middle-game Alastair allowed a pawn-capture that resulted in a discovered check. His position rapidly deteriorated and after losing a piece Alastair conceded.

Ealing B equalled the score on board four, where Harry's Queen-pawn opening was met by Mark's Old Indian defence. Harry chose to castle long and advance King-side pawns, with Queen, Bishop and Knight in attendance, towards Mark's castled King. Mark's defence appeared sound but his position was cramped - then he moved his Queen to g6, from which there was no escape. Following a neat combination, Harry captured the Queen prompting black's resignation.

Agnieszka declined Patrik's Queen's gambit on top board. Entering the middle game, the position looked to me about even, but I had not appreciated the latent threats behind Patrik's piece positioning and soon Agnieszka faced pins and skewers on several of her pieces. Something had to give - and a knight was lost, although a passed pawn offered some counterplay. Patrik continued carefully, exchanging pieces down to K+N+2P v K+P from which the win was straightforward.

Simon's game on board two, with the white pieces, began quietly. A Catalan opening defended by David's King's Indian defence. After an hour's play David went a pawn up, but it did not look possible to avoid its recapture. The middle game progressed a further hour, David's pawn advantage remaining, but still vulnerable. With no clear opportunities in sight and the clock advancing  a draw was agreed.

On board five, Martin played a Modern defence to Jason's Bird opening. Jason saw opportunities for a direct King-side assault on Martin's castled King. He assembled Queen, Bishop, Knight and Rook to execute this attack, which Martin succeeded in defending, despite a very cramped position. Running short of time, Martin placed a Rook on a bad square that allowed Jason to execute a nice combination that began with a Knight for Pawn exchange, followed by capture of the badly-placed Rook. From there on the outcome was in no doubt and Martin soon resigned.