"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Mon 08 Oct 2018
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Ealing 'A' v Ealing Juniors '1'
Result D: 4-4


BoardGradeEaling 'A'
Ealing Juniors '1'Grade
1 Alan Perkins
Yoon, Jacob 189
2 Hristo Colov
Tombolis, Christopher 177
3 Alex Reeves
Foster, Timothy 170
4 Simon Healeas
Lovell, William PM 159
5 Alastair Johnstone
Thatte, Nishchal 157
6 Jason Obihara
Desai, Nilomi 152
7 Tony Braine
Cowan, Xavier 146
8 David Websdale
Harandi, Teymour None

Captains Comment

With a Monday match night I had hoped to play a stronger team for the second part of this double-header but with my, a last minute substitution the team was actually even weaker.  Fortunately, so was the Juniors' line-up.

Alan reprised his early draw on top board, and Simon followed suit with an early cessation of hostilities on Board 4.

Ealing then stretched to a 3-1 lead when both Tony and myself won. Tony, on debut for the A team, describes his game: I played black in the Dutch obtaining a comfortable position out of the opening. White castled queenside and I impetuously sacrificed a central pawn to open the c and d files to attack White’s king and queen. I didn’t take the time to calculate this carefully though and found himself two pawns down for little compensation. It could have been much worse as both players missed a consequential tactic which would have yielded white an additional two pawns.

But then white allowed an exchange of rook for two minor pieces and the position was almost even, White’s side perhaps a little easier to play. I tried to keep the position complicated with queens on the board and was rewarded by a blunder when white would lose his queen for knight and so resigned. A lucky win gratefully received.

My own win was also somewhat fortunate. In an effort to dampen Nishchal's attacking opportunities I played the Caro-Kann, which was met by the Panov-Botvinnik Attack, After a couple of early piece exchanges the game reached a position of parity and, although Nishchal still managed to set up some cunning tactical hits, neither player could make any substantive progress The game was however ultimately decided by the clock. For some reason, Nishchal seemed a bit distracted at the board and placed himself under time pressure and although he made his 30th move with eleven seconds left, he forgot to press his clock to complete the move. I thus claimed a win on time. Cruel? Maybe, but the laws are clear and an arbiter would assuredly rule in this manner. Had the game continued, a draw was the most likely outcome.

At this point, Ealing had a 3-1 lead and with reasonable positions on most of the remaining boards our prospects looked rosy. However, the Juniors fought back hard with Christopher defeating Hristo on Board 2 and Tim outmanoeuvring Andrew in a taut QP endgame with seconds left on his clock.

I was very grateful to David who I press-ganged into service on Board 8 as part of the last-minute team restructuring. He played a very solid game and, although a pawn down, a draw was correctly agreed.

Jason adjourned a pawn up in the remaining game but a draw was agree later so the match comsequently finished as a draw.