"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Fri 05 Oct 2018
Competition:Thames Valley Ealing Juniors League Division 2
Fixture Ealing Juniors 'A' v Ealing '1'
Result W: 6-2


BoardGradeEaling Juniors 'A'
Ealing '1'Grade
1 Alfie Onslow
Perkins, Alan 202
2 Jacob Yoon
Colov, Hristo 162
3 Michael Ifalore
Santos, Joao AA None
4 Christopher Tombolis
Healeas, Simon 149
5 Haotian Wu
Reeves, Andrew R 143
6 William Lovell
Johnstone, Alastair G 135
7 Nishchal Thatte
Obihara, Jason 138
8 Xavier Cowan
Thatte, Nandinee 109

Captains Comment

Glafcos Tombolis writes:

Our back to back fixtures against Ealing have been completed. Both matches were packed with tension, drama and excitement. Both matches felt like two good friends battling eachother. For academic purposes Friday was classified as our home fixture and Monday as the away but in essence Old Actonians knew no better. All I Know that if anyone has been looking down on London from a plane wearing their infrared chess goggles there would be a massive hotspot centred over the home of chess in Ealing.

I asked the juniors to come a little early to take some photos before the first match on the 5thOctober. The result I’m afraid was a bunch of slightly awkward grumpy kids forcing a smile but that’s the kind of thing us parents like to make them do- so who cares. We assume that when we have a bit more time on our hands we will get a chance to look back and reminisce on the 1000’s of photos we’ve taken over the years.

The traffic was clearly a little worse on a Friday night so some of the Ealing team were a little late and we busied ourselves on setting up the 8 boards throughout the room taking advantage of the fact that there were no other club games that evening.  Alastair flipped a coin to decide the colours and I called Tails (because Tails never fails) and promptly lost the toss. Ealing chose White on board one. The match started at about 7.50pm and the session was due to be completed at 10.20pm

Amongst the first to finish their games were Jacob, Alfie and William. 

I watched a bit of Jacob’s game. After achieving a space advantage he managed to get his pieces into his opponents position and Hristo was unable to counter what turned out to be a deadly attack. Alfie did well against his higher rated opponent holding a draw as Black. Haotian, to my untrained eye truly seemed to be in an awful position at one stage. If felt like Andrew misplayed the position at a decisive moment and when time pressure hit probably the best decision for both players was to take a draw, The last 3 to finish were Christopher, Nishchal and Xavier. Christopher misplayed the position in the opening and ended up losing his advantage as a result but equality was retained in the game throughout and at the end of the session the players agreed to a draw with Pawns and one minor piece each on the board. Nishchal won what seemed to be a nicely controlled game as Black against Jason ultimately converting his advantage. Xavier was playing against Nandinee who as an Ealing junior agreed to help our parent club as they were one short. In an enthralling conclusion to the evening this was a game that I’m sure Nandinee would admit she should have won. However that is sport and in a chess endgame and as time pressure sets advantages can be lost in a single move and so it seemed in this game.

Our game of the evening was Michael’s game against Joao Santos. It really was a wild ride, highly entertaining and excellent game played by a real star in junior chess. Unfortunately I was unable to decipher Michaels notation on the score sheet and my guess’ at what the moves were made the ride even wilder and in the end I just gave up. Please in the future just send me a PGN or CBV file of the completed game via chess base so we can all enjoy.

So Ealing Juniors won this first encounter decisively 6-2. Perhaps this was not a surprise result with the average rating of the teams being 170.8 to 154.8 in favour of Ealing juniors but the truth is luck was our lady that night with a couple of results going in our favour.