"Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing" -- Robert HUBNER

Match Result

Season 18/19
Date Fri 05 Oct 2018
Competition:Thames Valley League Division 1
Fixture Ealing Juniors '1' v Ealing 'A'
Result L: 2-6


BoardGradeEaling Juniors '1'
Ealing 'A'Grade
1190Onslow, Alfie
Alan Perkins
2189Yoon, Jacob
Hristo Colov
3177Ifalore, Michael
Joao Santos
4177Tombolis, Christopher
Simon Healeas
5171Wu, Haotian
Alex Reeves
6159Lovell, William PM
Alastair Johnstone
6157Thatte, Nishchal
Jason Obihara
8NoneCowan, Xavier
Nandinee Thatte

Captains Comment

Fridays are unpopular nights for chess among Ealing's adult community, and after multiple knock-backs, my team wasn't complete until late in the afternoon and then only courtesy of my borrowing a junior.  The juniors had no such encumbrances and were able to field a strong team outgrading us significantly on all boards but One.

Alan and I finished first with draws, mine a relatively comfortable draw on the black side of a Symmetrical English after a fairly uneventful game - closed with no discernable threats arising for either side. I saw nothing of Alan's draw with Alfie.

Elsewhere some exciting games were in progress.  Hristo chose an extremely provocative and unconventional opening, playing f6 in response to 1.e4.  This is of course theoretically bad but it at least took his talented young opponent out of book. After nineteen moves in uncharted territory, white had built up an imposing looking attack, but Hristo actually stood better and missed a golden chance to win. A further fatal mistake followed on the very next move and white's attack became unanswerable. A further loss followed on Board 3 when Joao seemingly overlooked something in the middlegame.

Andrew's game with Haotian was a curious affair with both side's in hand-to-hand combat with having half their armies undeveloped. Neither party's king looked very secure but Haotian's king was especially vulnerable in the centre of the board. With both sides harbouring potent threats, the game somehow finished in a draw - mutually assured destruction I presume.

For much of the evening, Jason looked to have the upper hand in his match with the Club and current British Under-10 champion but, after the introduction of his king as an active participant in the battle, Nishchal made the telling breakthrough and converted to win.

I was grateful to Nandinee for stepping in at short notice to play on Board 8 and she very nearly delivered a win going into the final minute of a QP finish with N+P's v B+P's. Unfortunately she allowed an exchange of the minor pieces which left her opponent's pawn a clear path to queen.  A bishop retreat and it would have been very different.

In the final match to finish Simon erected a solid Caro-Kann barrier to stymie Christopher's attacking aspirations.  A draw was agreed shortly after time was called.

So, first blood to the Juniors who will flourish in TVL Div.1 if they can field this kind of a team on a regular basis. The seniors, on the other hand will need some high-end reinforcements if they are to survive.