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Ealing Juniors visit St Paul's School, Brentford

: Created:31 Jul 2019 , by David Ebbett

The Training/Progression Group played a friendly match against St Paul's School earlier this month. Their team is led and coached by Leslie Pringle who is a very knowledgeable senior member of Ealing Chess Club so we knew it was going to be a tough test for us.

Ealing Juniors fielded thirteen youngsters plus a parent (deliberately not playing to his full strength) to make up the numbers to 14 aside for a double round match.

Our team generally coped well with the time limit of 15 minutes per side. The first round was a comfortable win for Ealing but the second round was very close indeed and the score was level with two games to finish before Ealing pulled away.

Our team was Jacinta Khadouri, Jonathan Owen, Hariram Sathyakumar, Ravi Gupta, Daniel Sawa, Sam Bonnici, Laith Harb, Talya Vexler, Oskar Parker, Roman Parker, Gemma Khadouri. Dogen Okuyama and Elsai Okuyama.

The rounds were contested very sportingly and all the juniors taking part will have learnt a lot from the experience. Ealing's team averaged nine years of age and all thirteen played well. Jacinta Khadouri, Jonathan Owen, Daniel Sawa, Sam Bonnici. Laith Harb and Dogen Okuyama scored two wins. Elsai Okuyama managed one and a half points and Hariram Sathyakumar, Talya Vexler and Ravi Gupta scored 50%.