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Hillingdon Cup Result

: Created:16 Jan 2018 , by Alastair Johnstone

Ealing were knocked out of the Hillingdon Cup last night. Although we drew the match, we lost on the count-back tie-breaker. 

1 Lamb, H Michael 171 0-1 Nettleton, Charlie B 197
2 Procopie, Andrei 166 ½-½ Hughes, Colin 160
3 Winterbotham, Mark 152 ½-½ Lord, Peter R 150
4 Reeves, Andrew R 141 ½-½ Colter, Nigel 141
5 Johnstone, Alastair G 132 1-0 Broad, Michael J 130


Early draws were agreed in Andrew and Andrei's games before I clocked in with a win on bottom board. Mark then agreed a further draw not knowing that Mike was in some difficulty on top board and the count-back scenario was in play. As it transpired, Mike fought on bravely but, in an already hopeless position, he was saved further pain when his flag dropped.