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Annual Lightning Tournament

: Created:11 Oct 2017 , by Alastair Johnstone

22nd edition

A slightly smaller band than normal gathered for Ealing's annual blitz event, with 12 participants in all. With the numbers low there seemed little point in splitting the field into groups so, in effect, we had an all-play-all. After the early exchanges, it looked as though the heavy hitters were going to dominate, with Tony Wells and Andrei Procopei making strong starts. But, some surprises were in store. Firstly, young Teddy Onslow overturned top seed Tony rapidly followed by another giant-slaying from Jason - who always seems to thrive at this event. In the end, young Teddy took the honours finshing unbeaten with 7/8, while Tony and another talented junior, Christopher Tombolis, shared second place. Jason was close on theire heels with 5/9.