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Matthew Sadler & Natasha Reagan visit

Created:06 Aug 2019 by: Alastair Johnstone

I am pleased to announce that Matthew Sadler and Natasha Reagan have agreed to visit the club on Monday 2nd September to give a talk and tandem simul.

Those fortunate enough to be present at Matthew and Natasha's last visit in 2016 consider it one of the most entertaining events the club has ever hosted.

The format of the evening will be three lectures by Matthew and Sadler based around their new book Game Changer followed by a break when copies of the book will be available for purchase at a discount. Matthew and Natasha will then conduct a tandem simultaneous display: Matthew at blitz rate, Natasha at lightning.

There will be a charge of £10 to attend, £5 for juniors.  Priority will be given to Ealing members but if there is any spare capacity attendance by members of other clubs will be fine.

The event will kick-off at 7:30 Monday 2nd September at the Old Actonians.

If you would like to attend please book your place asap with the club Secretary, Neville Rowden.


Ealing Juniors visit St Paul's School, Brentford

Created:31 Jul 2019 by: David Ebbett

The Training/Progression Group played a friendly match against St Paul's School earlier this month. Their team is led and coached by Leslie Pringle who is a very knowledgeable senior member of Ealing Chess Club so we knew it was going to be a tough test for us.

Ealing Juniors fielded thirteen youngsters plus a parent (deliberately not playing to his full strength) to make up the numbers to 14 aside for a double round match.

Our team generally coped well with the time limit of 15 minutes per side. The first round was a comfortable win for Ealing but the second round was very close indeed and the score was level with two games to finish before Ealing pulled away.

Our team was Jacinta Khadouri, Jonathan Owen, Hariram Sathyakumar, Ravi Gupta, Daniel Sawa, Sam Bonnici, Laith Harb, Talya Vexler, Oskar Parker, Roman Parker, Gemma Khadouri. Dogen Okuyama and Elsai Okuyama.

The rounds were contested very sportingly and all the juniors taking part will have learnt a lot from the experience. Ealing's team averaged nine years of age and all thirteen played well. Jacinta Khadouri, Jonathan Owen, Daniel Sawa, Sam Bonnici. Laith Harb and Dogen Okuyama scored two wins. Elsai Okuyama managed one and a half points and Hariram Sathyakumar, Talya Vexler and Ravi Gupta scored 50%.


135th AGM

Created:04 Jun 2019 by: Alastair Johnstone

Ealing Chess Club's AGM will take place on Monday, 10th June 2019 starting at 19:30 at Old Actonians.


Hillingdon KO Result

Created:01 Mar 2019 by: Alastair Johnstone

Ealing were well beaten in their 2nd round Hillingdon KO match at Harrow last night.

Details within...


Ellam Trophy 2018

Created:20 Sep 2018 by: Alastair Johnstone

In years past, the Thames Valley League held an annual match pitting member clubs from South of the river against member clubs from North of the river - the so-called Ellam Trophy. The fixture has lapsed in recent years but, in an effort to revive a traditional way to warm-up for the new season, Ealing agreed to host a match at the Old Actonians.

Perhaps inevitably Ealing members showed far more interest in playing than other clubs and in the end it was decided that the match would take the form of an Ealing vs. Rest of the World contest.  Even then, it proved necessary to lend the RoW team a couple of Ealing players to even up the numbers.

On the night, despite facing a grading deficit on most boards Ealing emerged convincing victors, conceding no losses and finishing with a 7-2 winning margin.

Full details within. 


2018 Lightning Tournament

Created:12 Sep 2018 by: Alastair Johnstone

Ealing held the 23rd edition of its annual Lightning Tournament on Monday. As usual, the event featured some fierce competition but, happily, all conducted in an excellent spirit of fair play.

Overall winner for the second year running was the 12-year-old Christopher Tombolis, who finished on 8½/10 with only one loss to fellow Junior Haotian Wu. Raj Jhooti finished second with 7½/10 and was unlucky not to get in a final game before time was called.

In the under-150 section, Harry Symeonidis made a mockery of his grade to finish on a highly commendable 6½/9. Jason Obihara came close to challenging Harry but fell just short on 6/9.

Christopher Yapp triumphed in the under-25 section with 4/11 and also wins the endurace prize by playing the most games on the night.

Full details of the night's results can be found in the table within.


Exciting News on the Delancey Schools Challenge

Created:27 Jul 2018 by: Alastair Johnstone

Ealing's Jacinta Khadouri has qualified for the Terrafinal


Ealing A win Hillingdon Plate

Created:25 May 2018 by: Alastair Johnstone

Ealing A win the Hillingdon League Plate after a nerve-jangling finale. 


Ealing B lose in Hillingdon Plate

Created:10 Apr 2018 by: Alastair Johnstone

David Websdale writes:

Ealing B lost by 2-3 to Harrow Juniors A, represented by the Dhemrait family. This match was for a place in the final of the Hillingdon Plate KO competition, so Harrow Juniors progress to play our A team.


Hillingdon KO Result

Created:13 Feb 2018 by: Alastair Johnstone

David Websdale writes: 

After our last League match debacle where we went down 3-0 to Hatch End B, giving them their first win of the season, Ealing B raised their game last night at Greenford to score 2.5-2.5  against their A team. Everyone in our team was playing an opponent with a much higher grade - they averaged over 160, so a very fine performance. 


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