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Hillingdon KO Result

: Created:01 Mar 2019 , by Alastair Johnstone

Ealing were well beaten in their 2nd round Hillingdon KO match at Harrow last night.

Details within...

1 Coles, Steven F 186 1.0 Colov, Hristo 160
2 Rahman, Asad 178 1-0 Obihara, Jason 143
3 Chan, Nevil 173 ½-½ Winterbotham, Mark 143
4 Cobben, Jan M 148 1-0 Johnstone, Alastair G 137
5 Walkover   1-0 Default  


Mark Winterbotham writes:

A tough match against Harrow A team in the Hillingdon cup semi-final. Outgraded, and defaulting one board with a late withdrawal, we went down 0.5 vs 4.5. Hristo succumbed to a king side attack, Jason got some pressure with his Birds opening but eventually fell to a knight fork. Mark’s opponent, as white, played D4, Nf6, Nc3 – a fairly quiet game ensued and Mark’s advance on the queen side prevented too much happening on the king side, and a draw followed. Alastair played a Ruy Lopez which looked even until a sacrifice of a minor piece for two pawns failed to bring enough return. Good luck to Harrow in the final.